Infinity Totes

Price: IKR 14.500 – 19.900

Infinity totes received their name from the fact that they’re so big that there is always room for one more item. They are made from the canvas of pop-up camper VF 073, deceased.

The tag that comes with the tote reads:

Gímald – The Infinite One

This bag is made from the canvas of VF 073, a pop-up camper that no-longer travels the beaten tracks of Iceland. After serving my family well for three decades, VF 073 went to its final resting place. Therefore I decided to up-cycle the canvas since it was still going strong after all these years. The bag is robust and will withstand most types of treatment, except being pierced with a sharp object.

Gímald grænt við höfnina_1
DSC_0552 (3)_minnkuð

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