About Me

I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands. To begin with I made clothes for my family, but when the children grew up I started designing and creating my own things. I have used many different kinds of medium, such as ceramics and quilting, but have always had an affinity towards leather. When I bought a leather coat at a flea market in Copenhagen I reached a point-of-no-return. I ripped it apart at the seams and made cushions for my daughter, and now I see this wonderful raw-material everywhere….


When I was admitted as a member of the artists’ co-operative Kirsuberjatréð, I decided I would, when possible, only use as my raw material things that I upcycle. Many items have been give to me by friends and family, but most I purchase at the Red Cross of Iceland, which is our goodwill. I also decided I would make items that others do not, such as gifts for men.

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I take a picture of the original raw material and place with the item I’ve made. I call it The Certificate of Origin.

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